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Welcome to Cooper Consulting Open Enrollment!

Here you will find plan information and the necessary applications to enroll in your benefits for the plan year beginning August 1, 2020.

Download Adobe Reader in order to view some of the documents listed on this page.

Enrollment Schedule
Below is a general enrollment timeline.

June 29 – Your comparative premium rate sheets will be emailed to you.
July 1 – Open Enrollment begins.
July 10 by 5:00 pm (CST) – Open enrollment ends. Employees’ enrollment applications must be returned to Robin Walton by this time and date.
August 1 – The new benefit plan year begins. You should receive your new healthcare cards within 2 weeks of August 1.

Comparative Premium Rate Sheets
Our medical, dental, and vision plans continue to utilize “tiered premium rates,” which means all of our employees pay the same premium rate dependent on the enrollment level (Employee Only, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child(ren) or Employee + Family), regardless of employee age. Each of you will be emailed a comparative rate sheet showing what plan you chose last year, the rate you paid, and what you would pay for each of the medical plan options offered this year.

Plan Information
Benefits-at-a-glance, the full Summary of Benefits documents for each plan, and the Premium Rates can be viewed and/or downloaded here. Please note that this year’s mid-range deductible plan is different from last year’s. The $2,000 deductible plan has been replaced with a $2,500 deductible plan since the previous plan is no longer offered by United Healthcare. Our low-deductible plan ($1,000 deductible) and our high-deductible plan ($5,000 deductible with optional HSA) are the same as those offered last year.

View a helpful list of definitions for common terminology used in healthcare plan documentation.

Did you know?
A College Tuition Reimbursement program is available to our employees/plan participants. Read more about this useful program through Guardian.

Enrollment Applications and Application Instructions
Once you receive your Comparative Premium Rate Sheet, as mentioned above, if you are currently enrolled in the high-deductible HSA $5,000 plan or the $2,000 plan and want to stick with those, please note you do NOT have to fill out a new United Healthcare Application for your medical election. Simply email Robin Walton to state you are sticking with the same plan this year. You will, however, need to fill out a Guardian application for the rest of your benefit elections.

Enrollment applications and instructions for each are given in the links below.

United Healthcare Medical Application – Required from all employees even if you are waiving medical benefits unless you were enrolled in the high-deductible HSA $5,000 or mid-range $2,000 deductible plans last year and want to stay with the same plan this year. View/download instructions for filling out this application.
United Healthcare Health Savings Account (HSA) Optum Bank Application – Optional savings account to be used with the UHC EPO Choice Silver HSA $5,000 Deductible plan. HSAs are not available to those who enroll in the UHC $1,000 deductible or the UHC $2,500 deductible plans. Please note HSA funds can be used to pay off all eligible out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, but cannot be applied to cover the cost of your monthly premiums automatically deducted from payroll. View/download instructions for filling out this application.
Guardian Application – Required from all employees. View/download instructions for filling out this application.

Completed applications can be returned in person (please email or call ahead to arrange this option), by mail, fax or email. Email is preferred, however, if you choose to scan and email your application we strongly recommend you encrypt your PDF scan file with a password or use another secure encryption method to protect your information. You are welcome to call Robin Walton directly at 512-527-1000 with the encryption password.

Please contact Robin Walton if you have any questions regarding this process or need assistance filling out an application.

Employee Assistance Program
Find out more about our Employee Assistance Program by visiting the Guardian WorkLifeMatters site (User Name: Matters; Password: wlm70101). We also offer a

WorkLifeMatters provides guidance for personal issues that you might be facing and information about other concerns that
affect your life, whether it’s a life event or on a day-to-day basis:

• Unlimited free telephonic consultation with an EAP counselor available 24/7 at 800-386-7055
• Referrals to local counselors — up to three sessions free of charge
• State-of-the-art website featuring over 3,400 helpful articles on topics like wellness, training courses, and a
legal and financial center

Poke around the portal for a few minutes (or more) and see if there’s anything that can help make your life easier!

Open Enrollment Contacts
Robin Walton
Human Resources, Cooper Consulting
Office: 512-527-1000
Cell: 512-289-1899
Fax: 512-527-1001

Bob Apostolakis (our insurance broker representative)
Insperity Insurance Services, LLC
Office: 281-312-7635

Useful Links
United Healthcare Doctor Search – Search United Healthcare’s Choice and Choice Plus networks to determine if your regular doctors and specialists are considered in or out-of-network.
United Healthcare Prescription Drug List – This shows the list of prescription drugs covered under UHC plans with their corresponding tier. Each tier of prescription drugs maps to a RX Plan Tier copay cost outlined by each medical plan.
Guardian Provider Search – Search Guardian’s network to determine if your regular providers are considered in or out-of-network.