Cooper Consulting

Find out more about Cooper HIVE buttonCooper Consulting’s platform-based services, Cooper HIVE, include fully understanding your requirements, a business process assessment, customization/configuration of the platform to meet your unique requirements, portal/reports creation, and testing. As your use of the platform matures, we move into more of a DevOps strategy – working closely with your organization for seamless ongoing support. Our goal is to resolve your pain points with budget-friendly, efficient platforms and services in the cloud or on-premise – your choice.

We support platforms at various levels of maturity – from stealth/pre-revenue through profitable, enterprise deployed solutions. If you are ready to sleep better, shake things up a bit with new solutions to worrisome problems, and move forward – we may have a way to help!

The list of platforms we support is constantly growing. We currently support platforms for:

  • IoT – track your stuff in the manufacturing process to reduce loss, schedule delays
  • Network security and fraud detection with pre-data, pre-log intrusion rejection
  • Massively indexed, low-cost large data solutions



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