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Cooper Consulting is very excited to be delivering for our customers using Pega, an application development framework for Business Process Management, Customer Relationship Management, and other application development needs. Learn more about the Pegasystems tool.

We have delivered on projects using the Pega products with the following customers: US Patent and Trade Office, California Department of Justice, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The TCEQ project has given us the opportunity to be the “clean-up” crew to come in after another vendor and salvage both the project and the customer relationship – while cleaning up the air in Texas!

Services performed during these projects: Application Development, Business Consulting, Systems Integration, Project Management, Platform Solutions


TEA LogoTexas Education Agency (TEA)
Cooper was proud to deliver the turn-key, out-sourced project for this customer for more than ten years – and did so according to them – Excellent with no Exceptions (the rating we received). As an outsourced project we provided the resources and effort for the entire software development life cycle – from project management through development and deployment to production – and after moves to production the help desk and application monitoring and support.

1250 school districts across the state of Texas generate a lot of data. The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) system is sent much of that data electronically – for use in reporting, assessing, and funding education in the state. The resulting data set is a mass of information, constantly being assessed, while new data standards are created and applied several times a year. It’s the proverbial fast moving train, and we were upgrading cars in motion and adding new cars behind the engine!

Our work included migrations of legacy components of the system to newer technology, efficiency improvements in both processes and reporting, along with reacting to changes from stakeholders including the legislature, executive management, and the federal government.

One of our objectives was providing actionable information – not just data. Our project team also became known for being subject matter experts in the TEA business processes and systems, and they received standing ovations for training sessions for users from around the state.

Some of the results achieved while we had this project include improved systems uptime and availability to TEA and Texas Independent School Districts (ISD) resulting in avoidance of significant fines and expenses. Administration resources required to support and process data and reporting by the ISD’s was reduced by an estimated 400%. The improvements in accuracy and reporting enable the correct amount of federal and state funding to be allocated to each ISD ensuring schools can meet their educational needs.

We are most proud of the projects we execute when they touch the lives of everyday citizens in our state in positive ways – and this one did.

Services performed during this project: Application Development, Business Consulting, Systems Integration, Project Management


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