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What drives us? It’s not about the technology!

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  • Creating positive change for all
  • Saving real dollars for all
  • Creating more efficient processes for our customers
  • Removing manual, expensive processes

One great example that hits all of the above notes is a recent project for one of the largest Texas state agencies, Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

On the Benefits Electronic Correspondence Project we digitized a process that generated five (5!) separate pieces of manual mail (envelope, stamp, inserts, handling, returns) at the start point of each interaction with their clients. Even more manual mail was generated at ongoing points in their interactions with their clients.

We collaborated with the agency to digitize access to all of these communications – and removed the cost of manual mail in the process!

Millions of dollars of expenditures no longer required all while providing significantly better long-term access to these communications for both the agency’s internal staff and clients.

The dog can’t eat the mail. The postal service can’t lose or misdeliver it. It can’t be misplaced by the client or stolen from their mailboxes. Their email address is all we need.

Below are a few statistics on the current impact:

  • 495,000 claimants have “opted-in”
  • 3,000 employers have “opted-in” (an average of 80% who view the offer to “opt-in” do)
  • 5,130,000 million documents have not been printed and mailed
  • Customers receive documents 1-3 days sooner, resulting in better customer service
  • $932,292 was the one time cost to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
  • $1,647,461 estimated savings to date, recurring year-over-year savings, and $1,000,000 in savings are projected for calendar year 2017!
  • Improved security of PII data
  • Email addresses are almost always current, whereas physical addresses are not

Read More Success Stories buttonThe final benefit is that the client and agency personnel are all looking at the same versions of the documents when a call to or from the agency is required.

A huge win for everyone. In fact, this project was recently nominated for a “Best of Texas 2016” Award!

Services performed during this project: Application Development, Business Consulting, Systems Integration, Project Management


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